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An Obsession With Face Masks

Listen, if you follow my blog closely, you’ll probably have noticed I’ve got a little obsession with skin care; I just can’t get enough. Everything from serums to eye creams and exfoliators – I’m dropping a small fortune every year and yet, still I’m always wanting to try something new. Not even Rick and Morty…

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5 Things To Do Under A Fiver

A fiver doesn’t seem to get you anywhere these days on the surface of things, and yet you’d be surprised at just how far it can actually go when you really put your imagination to it! Here are five things you can do for less than a fiver. Online Slots/Pokies Playing games online isn’t something I’d have…

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Coldpress Veg Juices

I’m currently on bit of a health kick where I’m just generally trying to eat a lot healthier, drink more water, and be a little more active. I’ve been doing this for a little while now and I’m really starting to feel better, I’ve even managed to control my diet coke habit, and I haven’t…