The Sunday Post #16 – Testing Vitamins and Supplements

Recently I’ve been on bit of a health kick trying to get back into my gym routine, and carrying on with my weight-loss mission. I’m carrying on with my Weight Watchers plan and trying to eat a lot healthier and exercise more, but this then led me to think about looking after myself from the inside too.

I’ve never really thought much about taking vitamins or supplements before, but recently when I was asked if I wanted to try a few samples I thought I’d give it a go and see if it makes me feel any better as well.

First of all is these Green Coffee Bean Extract Capsules* which when taken twice a day help to suppress your appetite. I’ve never really been into ‘weight-loss’ types of pills as I’ve always thought of them as bit of a gimmick more than anything, but I thought I’d still give these a go.

They claim to be a ‘fat burner that works’ that also gives you an increased energy boost, but after taking these for a month I felt no different, and I noticed no increase in my weight-loss. Next I tried the Colladeen Visage*, which is a natural anti-aging beauty pill, which definitely intrigued me. The tablet claims to reduce wrinkle depth, improve skin firmness and even provide a natural SPF after a number of weeks.

I took this for a few months and did notice my skin felt better, but as I don’t really have any wrinkles I wasn’t sure how that would work, and I’m not certain with the SPF as I sadly haven’t been anywhere sunny to test this.

I then tried out the Silicea Beauty Direct Sachets* which claim to support the formation of collagen and elastin, strengthening skin, hair and nails. As someone with incredibly weak hair and nails I was excited to try this one out.

Unlike the others this doesn’t come in a tablet form, but comes as a ‘smoothie shot’ making it easy to take, and its a ‘red berry flavour’ which made it so much nicer. Whilst taking this I did notice my skin, hair and nails looked and felt a lot stronger, so I think this is something I would keep taking. I then tried the Formoline L112 Weight Management Tablets* which claim to contains a naturally sourced fibre that binds to dietary fats passing through the digestive tract, significantly reducing the calories that your body absorbs.

I tried this out for a little while, but I really didn’t notice any difference in my weightloss and these actually made me feel a bit rubbish while I was taking them, I don’t think these are for me. Finally I tried out the Nobilin Kieselerde and Biotin Supplements*, a German supplement to help your hair, skin and nails, similar to the Silicea Beauty Direct.

These came in huge tablet form which I found a bit difficult to swallow, and found the tablets themselves didn’t really do anything, I certainly prefer the Silicea Beauty Direct sachets.

So while trying out different sorts of tablets and supplements I’ve learnt they don’t always do what they say on the box, and I think I’ll be sticking with my usual diet to lose weight in future. Although I did quite like the Silicea Beauty Direct Sachets as they were the only ones that seemed to do anything for me, so this is maybe something I’d continue to take in future.

Have you tried any vitamins or supplements that you found worked for you? Let me know!

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