The Sunday Post #2 – Makeup Brush Washing


To me Sundays are all about tidying up, and getting prepared for the next week ahead. So every Sunday I have a list of things I need to get done, one of which is wash my make up brushes. I try to get into a good beauty habit of washing my brushes every Sunday, but sometimes in the past I’ve got a little lazy. So one of my beauty resolutions of 2014 was to make sure I try my very best to stick to this rule.

It’s fairly obvious that washing your make up brushes is hygienic. Clean make up brushes is key to having a germ free make up application, and there’s really nothing worse than disgusting looking used make up brushes. There’s a few different ways to clean your make up brushes, search on YouTube and thousands of suggestions will come up. But the way I like to clean my brushes is to rinse my brush under warm water, then I take a cleanser (this weeks choice is none other than fairy washing up liquid!), and swirl my brush in it a few times, and then rinse. Fairly simple! I then leave my brushes on a rolled up towel to dry overnight, then come Monday morning I have a beautiful set of clean makeup brushes to play with! As I mentioned earlier I’m trying my very best to stick to this this year, in the past it can go a couple of weeks before I get around to cleaning them up. Oops… Now in a new Sunday tradition, I’m off to clean my makeup brushes!

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