100 Day Spending Ban Challenge – Week #7

I’ve made it to week 7 of my 100 day spending ban! Which is something I didn’t think I’d be saying, to be honest I thought I’d give up on this idea pretty quickly. And as you can see from my previous posts the past few weeks I’ve not felt very positive about the whole experience. But today is my first pay day from my new job! Despite not getting paid for a whole month I still got paid a lot more than I expected, and it’s a large amount of money that my bank account hasn’t seen in a long time!

This now means I can start with my savings! First things first I’m paying back my parents for money I’ve borrowed off them for the last month, and then the rest of the pay is left for my direct debits and myself. Of course I’m putting away a percentage of my pay for my savings, but I’m not focusing on a large amount this month as it’s not the full months pay. Now that I’ll be seeing a regular income into my bank account I’m feeling a bit more positive about my spending ban, knowing that I can put away money without having nothing left in my bank account! Hopefully this will be the start of some good savings!

See how I’m getting on in other weeks –

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