Lush Luton Summer Beauty Event

Recently I was invited back to Lush Luton for their summer beauty event. After having so much fun at their Valentine’s event a few months ago, I couldn’t wait to go back into Lush after hours to play with their products. The reason for the event, if you couldn’t guess, was to get to know more about their summer beauty products, and how they work. I didn’t actually know Lush had sun care products, so it was great to hear more about them from the Lush Luton team.

The summer beauty range is made up of a few different products, including moisturisers, and suncreams. We got demo’s of a few of the moisturisers, which all contained SPF, and everyone seemed to love British Nanny which felt amazingly soft on your skin. I didn’t even know Lush did suncream so it was interesting to hear more about them. There’s one called The Sunblock, which is quite literally a block of sunblock. All you do is break bits of it off to apply to your skin, which contains SPF30 to keep you covered all day. My favourite was Sesame Suntan Lotion, which not only smells amazing, but can actually help to accelerate your tan, which as a super pale girl is something I need!

We also got to learn more about Lush’s toothy tabs. I’ve always seen these in Lush stores, but I’ve never really paid attention to them, I didn’t really understand how they worked. While we were there we even got the chance to try these out, and I was surprised at how well they actually worked. All you do is start chewing the toothy tab until it starts foaming, and then brush your teeth! It felt really strange, but I think these are great if you’re going on holiday or to a festival where you might not be able to take much luggage with you. 

We also got to hear more about the shampoo bars, and had a hair consultation to find the perfect one for us. As I have dry hair, a dry scalp, and hair which get’s oily roots I was recommended Squeaky Green, which is a scalp-balancing shampoo bar with cleansing herbs and essential oils. It also contains nettle to help stimulate the hair follicles to help with healthy hair growth, and as I’m always trying to grow my hair this sounded amazing. After our hair consultation we all received a shampoo bar, and I’m looking forward to trying out mine. 

What I really like about the Lush Luton events is the chance to go into my local Lush after hours and learn more about the products. Usually if you pop into Lush it can often be busy, and you might not get a chance to talk to the staff about the products, or ask any questions, but as there was only a few of us at the event the staff were available to ask about any of the products, or to recommend things. It was a great chance to take a look at some products I don’t usually pay much attention to, like the skincare and soap sections, and I even picked up a few products to take home with me. 

I had a great time at Lush Luton’s summer beauty event, and I think I’m going to have to go back to pick up some of that Sesame Suntan Lotion now the weather’s starting to brighten up!

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