Summer Suitcase Essentials*

Now that it’s June and the sun is finally starting to come out, I’ve been thinking a lot about summer holidays. Being able to pack up a suitcase and jet off to somewhere lovely for a week is always the best feeling. It’s a great way to relax, and recharge your batteries. This year I sadly don’t have any holidays planned, as we’re waiting for what feels like forever to move into our flat. We’re hoping in the next few weeks we’ll have a moving date, and maybe then we can plan a mini break away somewhere. 
Although I don’t have any holidays planned, and haven’t had one for quite some time now, I’ve become quite the pro of packing suitcases. I thought I’d share a few tips on what to pack in your suitcase this summer.

Keep your important documents handy
Make sure you’ve got your passport, booking details, boarding passes etc handy! This is often the first thing I pack to make sure I’ve got it with me. Which is great, until it comes to needing them! To save digging around in your suitcase, it’s best to get a document holder or to stick these at the top of your suitcase so their easy to find.

Take mini toiletries 
If I’m only going away for a few nights I always pack mini toiletries for the occasion. There’s no point in filling up my case with giant bottles of shampoo or toothpaste, especially when you could be using the space for your shopping! Boots have loads of mini versions of my favourite products so I like to stock up on them, or I like to save samples from magazines to take away with me. 

Take a mini first aid kit
Something I like to do when I go away is to take a mini first aid kit with me. I’m not talking about a huge fancy kit, but a couple of packs of paracetamol, plasters, and suncream if you’re going away in the summer. It’s handy to have a few supplies just in case!

Remember your chargers
Being addicted to technology I can’t go on holiday without my iPad, Kindle, or my iPhone, and of course they all need charging. There’s nothing worse than forgetting your chargers and then your gadgets die. At least packing a couple of chargers doesn’t take up too much room in your suitcase, I remember the good old days and taking loads of packets of batteries away with me for my walkman and my gameboy.
Age UK have also shared some great ideas on what suitcase essentials to pack for your holidays. I like the idea about saving some room in your suitcase, I never leave room in mine and always buy too much while I’m away!  Hopefully I’ll be able to plan a mini holiday soon and put some of these tips into action! 

Do you have any holidays planned this summer? Will you be using any of these tips?

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