I never used to like Eurovision, I just didn’t get it. It just seemed like a crappy version of a singing competition, but with more glitter and novelty acts. Then I went to university and my housemates reintroduced me to it, complete with a drinking game and score cards! After several drinks I started to see the funny side to it again, and reading everyone’s live tweets on Eurovision just makes it even more hilarious. Now a year can’t go past where I don’t watch Eurovision. I mean why would you miss an amazingly tacky singing show where you don’t have a clue what’s going on?

This year I stocked up on my snacks, and a few beverages, to sit down in front of my television to tune in and watch this years Eurovision. Firstly I was confused with why were Australia taking part?! But apparently they were ‘invited’ to take part as guests of the Eurovision, despite not being part of Europe. But neither were Israel or Azerbaijan, so nevermind.
This year Eurovision seemed a little.. dull. It just seemed to be ballad after ballad, not the usual random acts and sequins, although the guy who won seemed alright.  Some of my highlights of Eurovision were reading Twitter. There were so many funny comments commenting on the acts, reading Twitter was probably better than watching the Eurovision itself. 
Probably the worst part of Eurovision is the voting. One thing that annoys me slightly is how all the neighbouring countries vote for their BFF’s, rather than voting for the most talented. Although that doesn’t really seem to be the case for the UK. Research from shows that apparently our biggest fans are Luxemburg, Monaco and Austria, who knew?! There’s also some pretty interesting Eurovision research here that shows which countries vote for which acts. 
I feel a little let down with this year’s Eurovision.. maybe I didn’t have enough to drink, or maybe it was actually quite crap. I’m not sure if I’ll be tuning in again next year, but I’ll certainly be reading everyone’s tweets that’s for sure! Maybe this year I’ll just stick to Britain’s Got Talent…

What did you think? Am I the only one who thought it was a little naff this year?

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