The Sunday Post #1 – New Year, New Product Organisation

Now that we’ve entered into a new year I had many new years resolutions, the usual diet and exercise, but I also wanted to become a bit more organised. Not only with myself and my blog, but to also organise a lot of my storage spaces. I’ve recently redecorated my room, and with that has come a lot more storage space, and plenty of room to hoard beauty products. Being a typical unorganised person, despite having loads of storage spaces, my beauty products were all just thrown in with no order to them. So I decided it was about time to organise my life and found myself sorting through and organising my products, hopefully leading to a much more organised me.


The storage space in question is a dresser from the IKEA HEMNES range, which comes with several drawers and plenty of space to be organised. As I have far too many beauty products than one 22 year old girl needs, I’ve dedicated a whole drawer to them. When it first came to organising I had to decide what products were worth staying, and what products I just don’t use or are empty (I had a surprising amount of empty bottles..). I then used old gift set boxes that I had lying around to keep products in to put them into sections. I started on the left hand side with all of my nail varnishes, then my jewelry that couldn’t be hung up in a box next to it. Then I decided to put separate sections for hair products, skin care, and moisturisers.  I even put a smaller box at the back full of samples I always forget to use. In the gaps around the boxes I have a pile of body butters, and a couple of random bits like deodorant and nail varnish remover. Once it was done I felt satisfied and was pretty impressed with my organisation skills. I now have a whole drawer that’s completely organised so I can see what products I have, and find things easily if needed. Certainly a lot easier than my previous method of throwing products in and spending 20 minutes hunting for them. Now just to use this technique on the rest of my room…

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