Lush MK Christmas Event

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Lush Milton Keynes to come and take an early look at some of their Christmas (and Halloween) products. Of course I love Lush, and like everyone else, get very excited at the idea of the Christmas products arriving. I’ve been to a few events at Lush in Luton, but I’d never gone to one in MK, so I blagged a plus one for my friend Jen to come, as I’m a bit of a wuss about going to events on my own!

First of all we got to take a look at what soaps were coming out this Christmas, and I was happy to see baked Alaska there again. I picked a bit of this up last year as I was in love with all the super colourful bits in it, and I’m going to pick up a few more bits this year, as I’m sure I’ve got some friends that will love it. The purple soap is called Reindeer Rock, and it had little tiny little white reindeer on, which I thought looked a bit like caveman drawings. And the soap on the right is Snowcake, which smells very marzipany, and looks really pretty with all the gold swirly bits.

The soap on the left is called Yog Nog, and has lots of pretty swirly christmas trees and decorations on. It’s a really creamy moisturising soap, made with soya yogurt. Of course everyone will be super excited to know that Snow Fairy and Rose Jam shower gels are back again this year! I think there would genuinely be a riot if Lush didn’t sell snow fairy at Christmas. Something that’s new this Christmas is Christingle, a peppermint and menthol body conditioner. We all got a chance to try it (and have a rather nice hand and arm massage) and it leaves your skin feeling super tingly, definitely going to be picking up a pot of this! There’s also a couple of shower jellies; Santa’s Belly, and Snowman, which is actually shaped like a snowman! I’ve never really got on with the shower jelly, I find it slips around everywhere and ends up going down the plughole, but I think they make pretty fun secret Santa gifts.

I love the bath bombs and bubble bars that Lush come out with every Christmas. They always look so fun, and some of them are quite funny, but really Lush, why must you cover EVERYTHING in glitter?! Not everyone wants to sparkle all Christmas. However if you do like your glitter, something you’ll enjoy is Five Gold Rings, a bubble bar made up of, you guessed it, five gold rings. The rings are tied together on a bit of string so you use a little bit for each bath, which is a great idea. Hollygolightly and Snowangel are another couple of glittery offerings this year, and the Magic Wand has a little bit of sparkle on, but it’s more like the appropriate amount. 

One I’ll be stocking up on this year is The Magic Of Christmas bubble bar, which smells very warming and cinnamony. Other bubble bars include Pepping Santa, and Bar Humbug, which both smell amazing. Some of the bath bombs this year include a couple of last years favourites; So White and cinders. There’s also a couple of new ones to look out for, including Butterbear, which is more of a Christmassy version of the Ickle Baby Bot.

Finally we were shown the last few Christmas products. Celebrate is body lotion which is made up of coca butter and almond oil, helping to leave your skin feel nourished and smooth. I imagine this would be amazing for your skin when the weather gets colder! There’s also Santa’s Lip Scrub and Santa Baby this year which is in a lip balm tube, making it much easier to apply than those silly little pots you usually get. There’s also a couple of dusting powders this year, First Snow, and Fairy Dust, which smells like Snow Fairy. Both smelled amazing, but once again Lush thinks they need to put glitter in everything agian, WHY. 

It was nice to come and take a look at all the Christmassy goodies available at Lush this year, and nice to see a couple of old favourites come back. But seriously Lush, less glitter next year, yeah?

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