Lush Haul

I keep mentioning it on the blog recently, but I’m becoming a Lush ADDICT. It started off with a bath bomb here, and a bubble bar there, but now I want everything Lush sell. So when payday came around yesterday, I had a sneaky trip to Lush and went a bit mad, and came out with these goodies.

Retread Hair conditioner is something I’ve heard great things about, and as I have rather damaged hair I thought it would be great to help get my hair back into a good condition along with using the H’Suan Wen Hua Hair treatment (which I actually have on my hair as we speak!). I’ve recently seen a friend raving about Ocean Salt Facial Scrub so decided to try it out for myself. On first impressions it’s great, it’s very salty and maybe not the best for people with sensitive skin like myself, but I love a scrub that actually feels like it’s working. Also on my mission for better conditioned hair I picked out R&B Hair Moisturiser to try and get my skin into a better condition. As I’m approaching the end of my Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask I decided to pick up another and went for The Scared Truth, which I thought just smelt amazing! I’ve heard great things about Grease Lightening for when your having bad skin days, so decided to pick up a bottle of it for myself.

I couldn’t go into Lush without picking up some bath bits too. Dorothy Bubble Bar is something that’s caught my eye for a while now, it’s so colorful and smells gorgeous! And I picked up another favourite I’ve used before, Melting Marshmallow Moment. I’ve actually got quite a collection of Lush bath goodies now, that I bought them a box to keep them all in in the bathroom. Surely a sign that I’m becoming an addict.

A rather successful trip to Lush I feel. I even took my Lush virgin friend, who I successfully managed to convert! Hurrah!
Have you tried any of these Lush goodies before? 
What do you think of them?

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