What I Got For Christmas

Every year I love being nosey on everyone’s blogs to see what they got for Christmas, and this year I decided to join in and share what I got so you can be equally as nosey ;). I had a rather lovely Christmas this year as my grandparents that I hardly get to see were here for 3 days, and my boyfriend got to join us as well this year, so it was just lovely to have a house full at Christmas and share it with some people that I love.

So on to the being nosey over what I got!

First of all here’s what I got from my boyfriend. We decided to spend quite a lot on each other this year as our anniversary is also in December, so it was bit of a joint present. He picked me up the Body Shop Gingerbread set after me spending months hinting that “oo this smells nice”, along with the Cath Kidston Knitting Book (which has kept me busy for a while!), a Fox that you can heat up in the microwave, ‘This is Not A Book’, a cat watch, a Cath Kidston phone case, and some pretty amazing cat socks.

My boyfriends parents also bought me some Christmas Yankee candles, along with a candle holder, a ring holder shaped like a cat, and a Boots gift card. They know me well!

My parents bought me an owl satchel, along with a fox necklace and a new Kindle case. My parents did also buy me a new refurbished Kindle a few months back as my current one broke and was out of warranty. We did joke that my mum was going to wrap up the box it came in for Christmas.

Then a lot of my friends got me a variety of make up products, including some Benefit kits, candles, and one friend knitted me this adorable little owl! One of my favourite things from my friends was my grumpy cat phone case that Shona bought me! I also got a few Body Shop bits, and an owl purse from another friend, but I’ve not managed to photograph everything from my friends.

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

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