A Few Updates!

Hello everyone!
I know I’ve been bit bad on the blogging/youtube front lately and I thought I should update you all on a couple of things going on in my life currently.
Since coming back to university I’ve been struggling to find the time to blog/make videos. And now with it getting darker so much earlier I’m finding it even harder to find the time to record! I’ve been struggling with mass amounts of university work at the moment, its just been essay after essay after essay! (O the joys of second year…) But in just over 2 weeks I’m finished for Christmas! That means a whole 3 weeks back home, with plenty of spare time on my hands! So I’ll hopefully get loads of videos/blog posts up for you! 
So while I get on and finish the last of my essays, I thought I’d update you all on a few things!
1) Nails
Since buying my nail art pens a month a go I’ve been trying out several different nail art ideas. My favourite so far is still leopard print! I’ve found that with the variety of colours I have there’s loads of different designs I can play around with. I plan on working on some Christmas themed nails to show you all soon!
2) Eyebrows
Seems a strange thing to be updating you on, but I’ve been growing out my eyebrows. After years of over plucking I was left with very thin eyebrows. After reading other blogs about growing out eyebrows I’ve decided to try and give it a go myself. So I’ve banned myself from the tweezers! After a few months of re growth my eyebrows are now starting to look a lot thicker.
3) Fake Tan
I’ve always been very pale, but recently with these dark days I’ve been missing the sunshine. Sadly I never actually tan when it is sunny, so I’ve been trying out fake tan, and what can I say, I’m now addicted! (addicted in the nice sun kissed way, not the orange way!). So even though we’re having these horrible dark grey days, I’ve got a nice glowing tan! 
4) 100 followers!
Yes! I’ve now reached over 100 followers! (well currently 102) So thank you  to all you lovely followers 🙂 I never thought I’d reach a number this high, so I’m very grateful! I’ll probably be doing a give away once I’ve managed to get rid of all this uni work lark! 
And one of my most exciting pieces of news…
5) Moving In With The Boyfriend!
You may have seen me talking about this on Twitter recently, me and the boyfriend are moving in together! Well actually not until September. For our third year at uni we’re going to be living together. I’m really excited about it, and to top it all off, we’ll have been together a year soon 🙂
So I hope your all well, and hopefully I’ll be filling up your dashboard again soon 🙂 

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