ELF Runway Pink vs. MAC Creme Cup

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You may have seen recently my blog posts on these two lipsticks here, and here. I love them both as there such beautiful pale pink shades which are perfect for everyday use. Its only after owning them both for a while I realised how similar the two colours were. Both of these lipsticks are my most used, and most loved. I clearly have a thing for pale pink lipsticks.

Out of the two lipsticks I purchased MAC’s Creme Cup first. I was after an everyday pale pink, and found the colour of this to be amazing. A couple of months later I got ELF’s Runway Pink. It was actually after using both lipsticks for a while that I realised how similar they both were.

Left MAC Creme Cup, Right ELF Runway Pink.
As you can see from the two swatches the colours are very similar, but the ELF one seems rather more matte, and MAC’s has bit more of a shine to it. It actually took me a minute to work out which way round I’d taken the photograph, that’s how similar they are! When I’m wearing them on my lips (as its not often I wear lipstick on my hand!) they both look identical. The only thing that isn’t identical about these two lipsticks, is the price. MAC lipsticks have a rather large price tag of £13.50, while the ELF mineral lipsticks have a budget friendly price tag of £3.50. If I’d known that ELF’s was a dupe of Creme Cup I would of just purchased that one. So if your on a budget I’d recommend getting the ELF one instead, saving yourself £10. In fact you could buy yourself 3 ELF mineral lipsticks, and it would still be cheaper than 1 MAC lipstick.
 ELF Mineral Lipstck - Runway Pink
MAC Cremesheen Lipstick - Creme Cup
Do you own either of these lipsticks?
Which one do you prefer?


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