My Favourite Foundations

I love a good foundation, well who doesn’t? I can’t remember the last time I did my make up without using the stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t cake my face in the stuff, just a light covering around my face. I only use one brand of foundation – Rimmel London. After years of trying out several different brands of foundation, I found that Rimmel was the only one I could rely on for a decent coverage. I’ve not tried out any other brands since I came across Rimmel, I guess I’m probably just stuck in my ways or worried about spending the money on an expensive foundation when I don’t know how the results will come out.
I have three Rimmel London foundations that I use regularly:

Renew & Relift, Lasting finish 25 hours, Lasting finish 16 hours.

I’ve tried most Rimmel London foundations, and these three are the ones I find myself buying over and over. I find that Rimmel products are reasonably priced, I think the most I’ve paid for a foundation is around the £9.99 mark. They also seem to last me a long time, I’ve had these three a good 6 – 8 months now. And I find that there’s a good coverage, and the colour matches my skin tone perfectly.

1: Renew & Relift – In Ivory

Out of all three of the foundations, I’d say this is the one I use the most. I’m not sure why, I find it works just as well as the other two. Rimmel describes it as a ‘multi-action foundation with hyaluronic serum helps smooth and firm the skins texture resulting in a complexion that looks youthful, lifted and renewed. Flawless radiant-looking finish all day long’. I don’t usually agree with what the product says on the label, but with this foundation I do. I find that it gives my skin a healthy radiant glow, and does make my skin look a lot better. I’m not sure if it makes it look more youthful, I’m only 20 so I can’t really test that one out! It comes out as quite a dark colour, but once blended in it fits in perfectly with my skin tone, its hard to tell I’m even wearing make up, it just seems to improve the quality and look of my skin. What I also love about this product is how long it lasts. I bought this back in February, I’ve used it most days, and its no where near finishing. I bought it for £7.99 at the time, so this is a pretty good deal! Also out of the three foundations, I think this one smells the best (is it odd to like the smell of foundation?!), I just find it has a more fragrant sent that just the usual smell of foundation. 


2: Lasting Finish 25 Hours – In True Nude

Rimmel describes this foundation as ‘Sweat, heat, humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours. Enriched with a revitalizing mineral complex and moisturizing aqua primer. Skin feels energized and hydrated all day’. I’m not sure if I fully agree with what they say, but I do find this foundation stays on my face for a lot longer than other foundations, but no not for 25 hours. Other than that I can’t find any other fault with the product. Just like Renew & Relift it comes out of the bottle quite dark, but once blended in it fits in perfect with my sky tone. I bought this for £9.99 at the time with the intention of using this foundation for when I have long days. I thought with the “25 hour promise” I’d be able to wear this foundation all day without having to redo my make up, handy if I’ve got a busy day planned. I’ve found that hasn’t been the case, but don’t get me wrong it still lasts quite a while, but if you want a full day coverage try the lasting finish 16 hours foundation. I do find that when wearing this foundation my skin does look much better, it gives it a slight healthy glow without looking like I’m wearing too much foundation. Likewise with the Renew & Relift I’m impressed at how long the product has lasted. I think I’ve had this one since January, and its still no where near finishing! 


3: Lasting Finish 16 Hours – In Ivory

Rimmel describes this foundation as 16 hour transfer-resistant wear, mineral formula helps energize skin’. Compared to “lasting finish 25 hours” I find that this foundation is more effective for longer use, and definitely lives up to its name. I can put this foundation on in the morning, and by the end of the day its still on my face. I tend to use this more for nights out, as my make up doesn’t come off if I get hot. I find that the product doesn’t come out too dark, and blends in great so you can’t tell your wearing much make up. Just like the other two foundations, I find that it helps the appearance of my skin, but not as much as Renew & Relift does. There’s also not as much of the product as there is with the other two, so it doesn’t last quite as long. I also don’t like that its in a tube and doesn’t have a pump bottle like the other two do, but that’s just my preference. Other than that, its a great product and lives up to its name of lasting 16 hours.

Have you used these foundations?

Whats your favourite foundation?

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