Natural Collection Blush In Peach Melba

Natural Collection tends to be a brand I’ve ignored in Boots. It just always reminded me of when I was 12/13 and started first playing with makeup. I always thought that because their products were cheap that they wouldn’t be any good.  It wasn’t until a couple of months ago I heard about some of the Natural Collection’s blushes, and one that caught my eye was Peach Melba.

When picking out a blusher I always tend to go for peachy/coral shades over pink shades, and Peach Melba was just the perfect shade for me. It’s a gorgeous matte peach blush, which I think is just perfect for everyday use. I’ve also heard it’s been compared to MAC’s Mebla, which costs £17.50, so this is defiantly a much cheaper alternative at £1.99! Although the blusher is cheap, it’s certainly not a ‘rubbish’ product. The pigmentation is actually great, I can pop this on in the morning and it’s still giving my cheeks a peachy glow by the end of the day. It’s giving all my other blushers a run for their money. The packaging is still somewhat simple like other natural collection blushers, but honestly the blusher can speak for it’s self without the need for fancy packaging.

This is by far my favourite blush of all time, I find myself wearing this pretty much everyday! This is actually my third Peach Melba blush, as the first two shattered when I hit pan. But it’s such a gorgeous shade, I couldn’t be without it! And at only £1.99 I can’t see any fault in it. So I’m sorry Natural Collection that I judged you and your products, please forgive me!
What do you think of Natural Collection?
Have you used any of their blushers or other products?

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