Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss

I don’t usually find myself wearing lipglosses, but lately I’ve got more and more into them. One in particular, Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss in Keep a Secret.
I picked this up because I found myself standing in Boots looking at the make-up counters looking for a good lipgloss. I wasn’t having much luck and all I could find were colours that were bold and bright, and I thought it was too much of a dramatic jump for someone who doesn’t own or use lipgloss, and I then found myself at the Rimmel London stand. I like Rimmel London, I used a lot of their products and I’m never really disappointed. I then came across their lipglosses, and found that none of their shades were too bold, and they all seemed to be neutral colours. After staring at the lipglosses for quite some while (and having my boyfriend sigh in the background that he’s bored), I decided to give “Keep a Secret” a try. 
I just love the colour of this! As I’m not used to wearing lipgloss the colour isn’t too bold, and its a nice natural colour, with a hint of sparkle. Rimmel describes it as “Voluptuously Shiny Lipgloss” and as you can see from the swatch the colour isn’t too bold and gives my lips a nice glossy shine. I’m glad I decided to give this a try, and I might start exploring other colours of lipgloss/lipstick!

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