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As it’s a new year like most people, I’m trying to take better care of myself. Not only am I eating better, and trying to do more exercise, but I’m also trying to take better care of my skin. I often get in terrible habits of not washing my face properly, and just taking my makeup off with a face wipe instead at the end of the day. Not only does this not clean my face properly, but it also really dries out my skin, making it look awful. I really need to kick my lazy habit and take much better care of my skin. Recently to get myself into a better routine I’ve been using the Eloquence Pure Luxury Collection, which is made up of everything you’d need for your skincare routine.

The Eloquence Pure Luxury Collection is made up of a purifying facial cleanser, a firm and tone serum, a moisturising eye gel, a protect and repair 24 hour cream, and a nourishing treatment oil. All of Eloquence’s products are also completely natural, free from any artificial perfume, colours, or chemicals, making it simple and safe to use for anyone with dry and sensitive skin. The product range is made up of four steps, all labelled with which step they are, apart from the nourishing treatment oil, which is perfect for people like me who really need help with their skincare routine. The nourishing treatment oil is a great product to come with this skincare set, as it’s so versatile and can be used on your skin, hair and nails. I’ve been using it mostly as a body oil, applying it at night, which leaves my skin feeling so soft and is perfect for keeping my skin moisturised now that the weathers getting colder. 

Out of all of the products I’d say the purifying facial cleanser is my favourite, it just feels so creamy and luxurious on my skin. It also helps to take off my makeup and doesn’t sting my eyes which I find some cleansers can do. I think the rest of the range is also wonderful, and after using all 4 steps for a few weeks I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin. It feels so much softer, looks a lot brighter, and my skin isn’t dry and flakey like it tends to be at this time of year. I don’t believe I’ve really used any skincare products that are made from natural ingredients before, but after using these products and seeing what a difference they’ve made to my sensitive skin, it’s something I want to use more of in my skincare routine.

The Pure Luxury Collection can be purchased from the Eloquence website for £75, which might seem a little pricey, but when you look at the individual costs of each product, I’d say it’s definitely worth it, and then you have the full set too! 

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