HD Brows in Foxy

My eyebrows were fairly neglected in my beauty routine over the past few years. I used to pluck them, but I never had any idea of how to shape them, and in fact they were often over-plucked, leaving me with hardly there eyebrows. It’s only really when I started to blog that I decided to take care of my eyebrows, letting them grow back in so I had some thicker eyebrows with a bit more shape. Still from years of abuse my eyebrows were a little thin and patchy, so I decided to start filling them in so they looked a lot bolder and framed my face. I tried a couple of eyebrow kits and eyeshadows to fill them in, which worked out okay, but my favourite product for eyebrows is my HD Brows Kit.

I’d been lusting over one of these for months and I was so happy when I received one in #LDNBBMeet goody bag. I got the shade Foxy, which turned out to be the perfect shade for me. As a lover of neutral eyeshadow I instantly fell in love with the colours in the HD Brows Kit, but I can only use the bottom left colour for my brows. Although this is primarily targeted at being used for eyebrows, I often use this as eyeshadow. You have the perfect colours for creating a neutral smokey eye, so I tend to take this palette with me if I’m going away for a few days.

I really love the HD Brows packaging, it’s sleek and black and fits perfectly in my Muji drawers and makeup bag. I like that it has a vary of different colours which I think would suit everyone (and probably perfect if you’re constantly changing your hair colour like me!). The price can be a little steep, costing around the £20 mark, but really you’re getting four very good eyeshadows for your money. It’s certainly the best eyebrow kit I’ve used, and one I think I’ll stick with for quite a while!

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