Real Techniques Blush Brush

It took me a while before I bought into the Real Techniques brushes hype, but I started with the Stippling Brush  and since then I couldn’t go back to another brand. One of my favourites is the Blush Brush, which I think is one of the larger brushes.

It’s shaped like a large tapered egg shape which makes it great for applying blush. I tend to make a sort of ‘fish face’ and then apply my blush to the apples of my cheeks, the the shape of this brush is just perfect to do so. I also thought that due to the brush shape it’s the right size to apply brozer and contour. I’ve also heard it’s good for highlighter, but I’ve not tried that out yet. Since using this brush there’s no way I could go back to using my old scratchy blush brush.

My love for these brushes is growing. Their so light weight, and I really like the shapes of the handles, especially as they can stand up. (It also helps that it’s pink, but that’s just the girly girl inside of me). Their so soft to use, and even after washing they keep their shape. No matter how many times I’ve used them and washed them there is no signs of shedding, and trust me I’ve used it ALOT. The blush brush is £9.99 which may seem slightly much for a make up brush, but I’ve had mine six months now, using it pretty much everyday and there are no signs of wear. I really think Real Techniques are worth their price tag. I’ve already started eyeing up the rest of the Real Techniques collection, I feel a splurge coming along…

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