Back To Work Makeup

Today is my first day back to work after two lovely weeks off over Christmas. While I was on my annual leave I didn’t really wear much make up, especially as a lot of the time I was at home doing nothing. It was nice to give my skin bit of a break for a while, but I have missed wearing make up and I’m looking forward to wearing some again this week!

I don’t want to go crazy on the makeup front, especially as I haven’t worn some for a while so I’m just going to be wearing a few current makeup favourites. I’m starting with my current favourite foundations, Dior’s Star. It gives my skin an amazing glowy look which I’ve not found in the past with other foundations, and then I’ll use my Dior Star Concealor to cover up my dark circles and any blemishes. To colour in my eyebrows I’ll be using my Naked Basics Palette using the shade ‘Faint’ which matches my eyebrows perfectly, giving them a more defined look, and then I’ll use my Rimmel London Scanadleyes Mascara on my lashes. To give my cheeks a bit of colour I’ll be using Benefit’s Hervana blusher, and as I’ve got quite into red lipstick lately I thought I’d wear Rimmel London’s Kate Moss lipstick in the shade ‘Kiss of Life’.


Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick


UD Naked Basics Palette

It’s quite a simple makeup look as I’ve lost a bit of my mojo with makeup lately, but I’m feeling rather adventurous about wearing red lipstick to work for a change! If you saw my blog post yesterday you’ll know that I’m trying to use more of my lipsticks this year, so why not start with my first day back at work! Are you back to work today? What makeup products will you be wearing?

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