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You may have wondered why not everyone has milky white teeth just like the models that appear on toothpaste commercials. The reason is to be found in people’s individuality, as with eye and skin colour,  every individual has a distinct tooth colour.  This is the reason some people find it easier to maintain a sparkling set of white teeth while others find it difficult without the use of teeth whitening products.

However, there are other factors that may lead to discoloration of teeth. The main ones include;

Extrinsic discoloration – This is the external discoloration of the tooth enamel caused by a person’s diet and state oral hygiene. This discoloration is associated with smokers, heavy consumers of coffee, wine and certain foods that are not tooth friendly.
Intrinsic discoloration – This is the discoloration of the teeth that occurs from the inner structure of the tooth. When this internal discoloration occurs, the dentine develops a yellowish shade. The root cause of this condition is thought to be caused by medication during pregnancy or trauma.

Age-related discoloration – It is known that the tooth enamel gets worn as a person ages. This exposes the dentine to the surface and because the dentine also gets discolored with age, the yellowing begins to appear on the surface. This age-based discoloration is therefore a combination of both internal and external factors. It is important to note that any injuries to the teeth may also result in discoloration when the injury creates a crack or a gap. This gap may trap food and if not cleaned properly, will lead to discoloration of the tooth.

There are several treatment options that can be used to reverse teeth discoloration, they include;

1.Hygiene Session – A visit to a dental hygienist  for an oral hygiene session will certainly aid your teeth back to their former colour. An intense cleaning session has the ability to remove the plaque and stains that the ordinary toothbrush cannot clean. This session also cleanses around the gum to prevent/ treat gum disease.

2. A Teeth Whitening Kit – With the availability of tooth whitening kits that can be used at the comfort of home, patients can now take control of their dental health. Studies show that when a patient does self whitening using custom made trays for about 20 days, they usually get very good results. Although whitening leads to some sensitivity to the teeth, there are some good whitening kits with the right formulation to reduce the problem. In addition, the kits also give you more control over the final colour of your teeth because you can repeat the process until you get the desired result.

3.  Teeth Whitening through a combination of surgery and home whitening kits – If your dentist looks at your teeth and deems them to be deeply discolored, a viable course of action may to carry out a surgical whitening process. Our extremely competent dental surgeons will carry out a laser teeth whitening process using a highly concentrated whitening formulation. Once the procedure is done, we recommend you continue to use a home teeth whitening kit for a few days to enhance the results.

At Marylebone Implant Centre we only used the highest quality tooth whitening materials for our clients

Before a product is approved for use at Marylebone Implant Centre, it must have undergone the most stringent tests available in the dental industry. One of the materials we use at the clinic is known as Opalescence® which is viewed as one of the best whitening products in the dental industry. We also have a very knowledgeable and well trained dental team that has the experience to cater for all your teeth whitening needs.

When you Visit Marylebone Implant Centre you get the right tooth whitening solutions

People naturally desire to have white teeth and a great smile. People who have discolored teeth become self-conscious and end up suffering from low esteem. If left unchecked, this situation has the ability to have a negative impact on their social and professional life making them miss out on important opportunities. Marketers and unscrupulous traders are aware of this and have taken the opportunity to advertise all kinds of teeth whitening solutions. However, the problem is that many of the products being promoted so aggressively do not work. In some cases, these products may actually end up damaging your teeth. The instant solutions being promised by these products sold in pharmacies and supermarkets are a big lie and may cause more harm than good. In addition, it is not possible for one product to work for everyone due to the variation in discoloration.

Finding the best product for teeth whitening may therefore not be as easy as it looks. This is because apart from the products sold over the counter, there are some dental clinics purporting to carry out teeth whitening yet they do not have the expertise to. Such places end up scrubbing your teeth very aggressively which leads to teeth sensitivity while not solving your discoloration problem. Another risk you may encounter in these clinics is the use of inferior products. While some of these products may appear to work, their effects on your teeth may only be discovered when it is too late after your teeth develop problems. Teeth whitening cost also varies widely among the service providers of Teeth whitening in London.
To get satisfactory and permanent results, you have to put your trust in dental professionals. At Marylebone Implant Centre, we work to understand your individual case and look for a solution that meets your specific needs. We take you through the options available and their effects to give you a chance to make a decision from a point of knowledge. Finding a professional who knows the right amounts of whitening materials determines how white your teeth eventually appear. It also makes the difference whether your teeth become sensitive or not after the procedure. You cannot afford to take chances with your teeth because they are part of the first impression you make when people meet you. By seeking our high quality and professional services at Marylebone Implant Centre, you remove the guesswork from the teeth whitening process and get the desired results in a safe manner.

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