Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

Hands up who likes chocolate? Actually who doesn’t?! I for one absolutely love chocolate, I can’t go more than a few days without having to get my fix. One of my favourite brands would have to be Lindt, with my all time favourite chocolate being their truffles. It seems like every Christmas and birthday I always get a box of these, and I love saving them to watch with a good film and having a bit of me time. Recently I’ve discovered Lindt’s dark chocolate range, and I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve never really liked dark chocolate before, but Lindt have an excellence range, with some yummy flavours that have changed my mind. The blueberry and cherry one’s definitely have to be a new favourite, while I’m not so keen on the coconut one. I usually find dark chocolate really bitter, but with the added flavour I find it tastes a little sweeter and much more to my taste. I even found my boyfriend who’s usually not a chocolate person, trying to pinch some of these, so I think he’s a fan too! What I love about Lindt chocolate is just how creamy and luxurious their chocolates feel, much better than your average chocolate. I always like to give their boxes of chocolates as gifts too for that reason.

Although I’m trying to eat a little healthier these days, I can’t help but keep a bit of a chocolate stash together for when my cravings hit. Only problem is my local shop doesn’t stock much Lindt, but luckily you can buy it online so I can keep my stash topped up ;). 

*PR samples

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