Beanies Instant Coffee

beanies instant coffee
I’m usually much more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker, unless its a flavoured coffee. I’m a big fan of Costa and Starbucks’s flavoured lattes, especially when they’ve got their Christmas ranges out this time of year. Only problem with them is when you think about the amount of milk, and flavoured syrup that goes into them, you’re looking at a drink quite high in calories. So when I discovered Beanies Instant Coffee*, a flavoured instant coffee that’s also only 2 calories a cup and 100% sugar free – I had to try it.
Cinder Toffee Flavour Instant Coffee

Looking through their range of instant coffee there was so many that appealed to me, but I decided to try out Cinder Toffee, Very Vanilla, and Winter Warmer, which sounded perfect for this time of the year. I usually love a vanilla latte at Starbucks so I thought I’d give the Very Vanilla one a go first to see if it would satisfy my cravings, and it really did. It’s the perfect sweet vanilla tasting coffee without being too sickly. I love my coffee with a dash of milk, and this actually tasted nicer than one of my Starbucks lattes. The Cinder Toffee flavour smelt absolutely amazing once I opened it, and I was worried that it wouldn’t taste as good as it smelt, but this certainly didn’t disappoint. But I think out of all three, Winter Warmer has to be my favourite. To me it just smells of Christmas, all warming and cinamony, perfect for all the cold evenings we’re having.
Beanies Coffee Winter Warmer Flavour Instant Coffee

I really love Beanies Instant Coffee’s and I know once I’ve got my way through these I’ll be looking for
a few more. I’m thinking about trying the Gingerbread or Irish Cream one’s next. They even have a range of roast coffee’s with even more flavours to pick from! I think I’m on my way to becoming a coffee convert.
Beanies Coffee Winter Very Vanilla
*PR Sample

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