Well it’s been a quiet week on the blog hasn’t it? In fact there’s only been one other post since my last weekly update, oops. Usually I like to get all my posts written and scheduled at the weekend as during the week life can get pretty busy with work, but last weekend I had a pretty busy weekend, and when I had free time I just played The Sims so I didn’t really get much blogging done. I kept meaning to get a few posts written, but I had a very busy week and actually made it to the gym a few times, who am I? 

This week I’ve decided to focus a lot more on my health, and eating a lot better. I’ve mentioned on the blog a few times now that I’ve been doing Slimming World, and it’s been working a little slow for me. In all honesty it’s not the plans fault, but mine because I tend to spend all my syns on chocolate and other unhealthy rubbish, and realistically who’s going to lose weight when you’re eating rubbish? So as well as following the SW plan, I’ve been making sure I eat a lot healthier, and using my syns in a more healthy way. I even experimented with giving up chocolate this week as a bet with some of my work friends, and made it a whole 4 days before I failed miserably. 

As well as eating well I’ve managed to do exercise three times this week. It might not sound like a lot, but I literally avoid exercise as much as I can, despite having a personal trainer and a gym membership. I had a personal training session this week which was quite frankly, hell. My PT found out that I somehow managed to eat a whole easter egg on Monday, and he punished me pretty badly for it, and I died a little. It was tough, but definitely made me think a little more about what I ate for the rest of the week. I’ve also started going to a local clubbercise class, which involves glow sticks and disco lights and prancing around to club music for an hour, it’s pretty hilarious. So with all this healthy eating and being active lark, I’m really hoping for a good weightloss at Slimming World tomorrow!

This weekend has been relatively quiet, I had two of my friends over yesterday for a craft day and we spent the day eating cake, of the healthy banana bread variety (recipe should be up on the blog later this week!), and then I just spent my Saturday night watching American Horror Story and drinking wine with the other half. Today is a little more busy, and I’m heading over to Cambridge to catch up with two of my blogging friends Laura and Pippa as well as meeting a few new lovely ladies. 

So how has your weekend been? 

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