Inamo St James Review

A few months ago I discovered Inamo in Soho and discovered how amazing their food was. I didn’t know at the time, but there are two Inamo restaurants, with another one around the corner from Piccadilly Circus. After the amazing experience Chris and I had we knew we had to go back, so when we got invited to try out the new menu at Inamo St James we were super excited to go back, mostly so we could have a rematch at battleship. 

Inamo is a completely interactive restaurant, where you order your drinks, food, and even request the bill completely from your table. You’ve also got the ability to play games with your guest, change your table cloth, and even watch in the kitchen with the ‘chefcam’. What I like the most is when looking through the menu an image of your dish is projected onto your plate, so you can get an idea of how your dish will be presented. Once you’ve decided what you want to order you just press ‘order these’ and wait for your food to arrive.

Inamo’s menu is slightly different from your average restaurant. First of all there’s no starters or mains, but instead it’s recommended that you order two small dishes and one large dish per person, and everything is designed to be shared. So with that in mind for our ‘small dishes’ we ordered the sweet mango pork belly, spicy aubergine,  cucumber hosomaki, and vegetable uramaki and shared all four of them. The sweet mango pork belly was the most amazing thing I’ve tasted, with a lovely sweet and spicy taste giving it a real kick, and the spicy aubergine was a close second. It’s times like this I wish I could cook so I could try and recreate these dishes!

As we had a lot for our smaller dishes we both went with something a little smaller for the large dishes. Chris picked the baby malayan chicken, and I went for the korean lamb. I don’t usually go for lamb dishes, but this one spoke to me as it’s served in a sweet and sour marinade which I thought sounded amazing, and well it was. Of course I couldn’t resist pinching a bit of Chris’s chicken dish, and it was gorgeous, it tasted just like chicken satay, but with a lime twist. 

Of course we couldn’t resist ordering desserts, so I went with the creme brulee trio, while Chris ordered the mini dessert plate. The dessert plates were also designed to be shared, but neither of us share when it comes to pudding so we both stuck to our own! 

A visit to Inamo isn’t complete without having fun on the interactive tables! While we waited for our food Chris and I had a pretty intense rematch of battleship, and Chris won this time around. There’s also loads of other fun games, and of course the ability to change your tablecloth. As we were in London for the rest of the day without any plans we had a look on our table and there was a map of the area with key attractions and landmarks picked out, which was great if you’re not sure where to head next! There’s also an option to call a taxi, or look at public transport links if you want to head home after. 
We had so much fun drinking cocktails and trying out a few of Inamo’s new dishes, and the St James venue is just beautiful. I can’t wait to plan to come back on another trip into the city, and next time I won’t let Chris beat me at battleship… 

<*I was offered the meal for review, but all opinions are my own, their food is just amazing!

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