Slip Into Summer – Update #2

Another week and time for another update on my Slip Into Summer challenge with DW Fitness and Weird Fish.

After having a pretty bad result last week I was hoping to get back into a good routine this week, and hopefully see some results. Although I had a few meals out this week I tried my best to stick to healthier choices, I hit the gym a few times, and I tried my best to be active. So I was pretty disappointed to see that I gained half a pound this week. I feel pretty bummed out about it, especially as I put weight on in my last update too.

I’m going to try not to get too hung up on it, and instead concentrate on how well I’m going to do this week. I’m making sure I keep track of everything I eat, I’ve scheduled a few gym sessions, and I’m thinking of doing the couch to 5K in preparation for my 5K mud run in September.

Although I didn’t have good results on the scales this week I’ve still been trying on my Weird Fish dress, and I swear it doesn’t feel as tight as it did last week. Perhaps my gym sessions are paying off! I also ordered myself a few new summer clothes and was happy to see they fit me perfectly, rather than feeling tight or uncomfortable like I’ve had in the past. So although I didn’t lose any weight, it looks like things are going well!

I’m hoping to see bit of a loss on the scales this week, do you have any tips?

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