Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go Shopping With Other Bloggers Haul


The other day I met up with some of my lovely blogger friends Bex, Shona and Hannah to do what bloggers do best, shopping! We all met up in St Albans and had a good look around the shops and got some food at Wetherspoons. At the time I planned on being good, as I didn’t really have anything in mind that I fancied getting. However this didn’t go to plan, as it turns out I give in too easily when people tell me I need a product….
When we were nosing around Superdrug Shona kept telling me how I needed to get my hands on the MUA Power Pouts and the Maybelline Baby Lips, so I gave in and bought them. The MUA Power Pouts have been appealing to me for some time now, as I really like the idea of lip crayons, and these also work as a tint, so you don’t have to keep reapplying. The Maybelline Baby Lips intrigued me, and so far I’m loving using it. 
I then got introduced to Space NK where I bought the This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less. I have troubles with my sleep so I’m constantly looking out for products that promote natural sleep. I’ve only tried this out once so far, but when I did it really helped me to drift off to sleep. when then wondered over to Champney’s where I picked up the Distant Shores Body Scrub after Bex showed me how amazing it smelt. The only way I can think to describe it is that it smells like bubblegum and candyfloss – I just couldn’t resist!
After we had some lunch we took a look around Boots where Bex raved to me about how much she loved the Soap & Glory Lipstick in the shade Guava Rama. The colour looked gorgeous, and because clearly I had not bought enough lip products already, I gave in and bought one for myself. Bex then pointed out an Origns stand to me where they were promoting the Origins GinZing Moisturiser, and being a recent Origins addict, I had to buy it. We then said goodbye to Bex, and me Shona and Hannah went over to check out Poundland for the beauty bargains  I then picked up this Argan Oil Hair Mask, which sounded appealing to me as my hair loves Argan Oil. I’ve not had a chance to try it out yet, but I’m hoping this will be good! I then decided it was time to say goodbye and go home before my bank balance hated me anymore.
And this is why you shouldn’t go shopping with other bloggers! Although I am looking forward to trying out all of my new products. So expect many a review coming soon 😉 

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