2016 Travel Bucketlist

I haven’t been on a holiday for years, and I mean years. The last proper holiday I had was with my parents (who paid because I’m poor) to Devon in 2014, and before that was… well, in 2009. I’ve had the odd day trip out, and many many trips up to Sunderland to visit Chris’s family, but it’s not the same as a proper holiday. In fact, other than the trip with my parents to Devon, me and Chris have never been on holiday together in our whole 5 year relationship, which is a little ridiculous. So with a new year ahead of me, it’s time to start thinking about planning some holidays!



Amsterdam has been on my bucketlist for years now! Ever since my brother went about 4 years ago and told me all about the amazing time he’d had, I’ve really wanted to visit. I’d love to go see Anne Franks house, and the Van Gogh museum, as well as experience all there is to do in Amsterdam! A couple of my friends also went this year and gave me a list of cool places to visit too, so hopefully it’ll happen in 2016!



I love a cheesy seaside holiday, complete with fish and chips, and where better to go than Blackpool? I went once when I was a child, but I hardly remember it so it would be a fun trip away. And this would be a holiday that wouldn’t have to break the bank, Blackpool is a few hours drive, I could stay in a Travelodge Hotel rather than anything too expensive, and still have a lovely time! Now just to hope for a decent summer to visit..



I have been to Disneyland hundreds of times (okay 6), but I’ve never been to actual Paris. Well I lie, according to my mumma I went once for a day when I was 3, but I don’t really remember that. I’d love to take a little trip to Paris and to do all the touristy fun things and see the sights!


Last year me and my mum visited Manchester for a few days, and there was so much to do we weren’t able to get it all done! I loved my trip up there, and it was another cheap trip away that I could easily do without breaking the bank! I’d love to go back and explore, as there’s so much to see and do.
Do you have any travel plans for 2016? Or like me do you have a wishlist of places you’d like to go?

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