What I Wore For Christmas Day

Christmas already feels like it was ages ago now, although it was only a few days ago. Although Christmas day was spent at my parents house eating lots of food and not going anywhere, I still like to dress up and wear something nice. My main problem is that I don’t have anything to wear. Yes I have a wardrobe full of clothes, but I have nothing to wear. I have loads of lovely summer dresses, but when it comes to winter I have nothing warm to wear so just end up in millions of layers in an attempt to keep warm. 

Recently George challenged me to their reworked wardrobe campaign, by making one of their dresses suitable for the winter, and I thought using it to wear for Christmas would be the perfect occasion! 

I do love George for clothes, but sometimes it can be a little tricky to get anything flattering in their ‘plus sizes’, but luckily on this occasion there were a few things I could chose from. When it came to choosing a dress I decided to go for this embellished knit tunic, as I loved the beady bit around the top. When it first arrived I was a little worried about the fit, as being a larger lady I tend to pick things with an empire line to flatter my shape a little more, but this sat on me nicely while still looking flattering, hurrah. To help rework the dress to make it suitable for the winter, I styled it with some jeggings, although I don’t have any decent photos as it seems my other half as much as I love him, won’t be a fashion photographer anytime soon.

And to help my winter reworked look, I picked out these biker boots to go with it all. Winter is always so wet and cold, and usually I end up buying a cheap pair of boots from Primark that either turn out not to be waterproof, or just fall apart straight away. So to have a pair of sturdy biker boots to get me through the winter will help. 

So that’s my reworked outfit that I wore on Christmas day, not only was I super warm compared to what I would be in one of my summer dresses, but I also had a very pretty dress to wear for the occasion! Thanks George for the fun campaign to work on, and giving me an opportunity to rework my wardrobe.

*Post in collaboration with George 

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