Marley and Me

This is Marley. He used to live in a cat shelter, because one day his owner decided to move house and leave him and several other cats behind. Luckily for Marley, his neighbour had realised this and arranged for local shelters to try and find homes for Marley and his furry friends. This is where me and Marley met. After my last cat died I was looking for a new cat best friend, and believe in rehoming cats from shelters who other people may not love. I met pretty much all of the cats in the shelter, but Marley (who was called Jim at the time) won my heart. He purred at me the minute we met, and I knew I couldn’t leave him there.He seemed like the sort of cat who would love me, and would love cuddles and spend hours sat on my lap.
Then we brought Marley home, and the cat that seemed like a lovely cuddley cat, was in fact, insane.

Sometimes he likes to sleep with blankets..

…other times he’d prefer to sleep like this.

Sometimes he likes to wear accessories.. 

…And he can pretty much always be found sat somewhere he shouldn’t be. 

But most of the time he still manages to look adorable.

He may be a strange little kitty, but he’s certainly one very very happy little rescue cat. To think that one day his previous owner just left him breaks my heart, and sadly there’s loads of cats left in that shelter that don’t have furever homes. Marley is a big part of our family, and I’d hate for anything to ever happen to him, and that’s why we’ve got pet insurance to protect our special cat friend.

Animal welfare charity The RSPCA are working with MORE TH>N Insurance to provide UK pet owners with a range of insurances to suit their needs and budgets. It’s not just cats, they can insure your dogs too! By insuring your dog or puppy with MORE TH>N you not only protect them, but you also help the RSPCA protect less fortunate animals throughout the country, because for each policy sold, £20 will be donated to the RSPCA for the care of unwanted and neglected animals in England and Wales. 

I’m glad Marley got a second chance at having a furever home, I just wish I could adopt all the other cats that need one!

*Collaboration post. All words and strange cat my own.

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