Chelsea Boots

Come the colder months I basically live in jeans and boots, in fact I have several pairs of boots that I break out at this time of year. Despite having a shoe shops worth of boots, I’m always looking out for a new pair, and that’s when this pair of Chelsea Boots caught my eye. They’re a basic simple black chelsea boot, but with a silver chain at the back, making them look a little different, and reminding me of my teenage years when I wore chains on everything. I originally bought these for work, as they’re plain and smart enough for me to get away with in the office, but I love them so much I find myself wearing them on a daily basis! I wear them with basically anything, jeans, dresses, they just go with everything.

Not only that but they’re super comfortable, and great for the wet weather. I got this pair for only £20 from Tesco, making them affordable as well as everything else. I’m actually really impressed with Tesco clothing lately, and I’ve picked up a few new pairs of jeans and jumpers from there too for the winter season ahead of us. Are you a boots person as well in the colder months? What do you think?

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