What I Got In My Christmas Box Swap

A few months ago I took part in Clare from The Love Of All Things Beauty’s Christmas box swap, and I was lucky enough to be paired with Clare herself! I’ve know Clare since my early days of blogging so I was really pleased to swap with her. I’ve taken part in a few box swaps in the past, and it’s always great fun to see what other people pick out for you. We agreed a spending limit and a day to send out our boxes, and I was super excited to see mine arrive just before Christmas.

I almost tore open my box when it arrived, I was so excited to see what Clare sent me. Inside was a book called ‘Cat Selfies’, which is full of hilarious photos of cats, a Natural Collection brown eyeshadow, and a No.7 cracker which had a mascara and eyeliner in. I’ve tried a handful of products from No.7 and Natural Collection before, but none of these so I’m pretty excited to try these out.

I’m glad I got paired with Claire, and I’m really happy with all of my presents! I can tell Clare knows me pretty well, especially with the Cat Selfies book, its given me endless amusement. Once again this was a great box swap, and I’m glad I took part! Have you done a box swap before?

You can see what I sent to Clare on her post here.

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