January Birchbox

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I was really excited when I first heard that JolieBox had teamed up with Birchbox as I’ve watched many an American YouTuber showing off their monthly Birchboxes, wish that we had it here in the UK. So when She Said Beauty said they were stopping their monthly boxes there was a beauty box shaped hole missing in my life, so I decided to sign up to Birchbox. I was pretty excited when my post man delivered this to me this morning, I was desperate to open the box and show you guys what I got.

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment 
Beauty editors love this delicious treatment, which keeps lips flake-free and soft. Plus, there’s built-in SPF 15. Full size: £15.50
This was the first thing I noticed in my box and was probably most excited about. I couldn’t resist applying it straight away. I’m forever wearing lip balm as I have really dry skin and lips, so this is a really good product for me. It also smells really yummy.

KMS California Add Volume Volumizing Spray
Flat hair, begone. Mist this body-building spray through towel-dried hair, then style as usual. Bonus: It’s infused with eucalyptus to remove excess oil. Full size: £14.85
I’m a fan of big hair, so products that can help me get a bit more volume are great. I did think it was strange that the product looks like a gel, but when it comes out it’s like a spray. I’m going to have a play around with this in a few days time, but I’m excited to see if it helps to create more volume.
Reverence De Bastien Unguent For Nail and Cuticles
Apply this french brand’s argan – and vitamin-rich treatment to your nails between manis to keep them strong and healthy. Full size: £15.50
I’ve recently got back into doing my nails again, which means needing to give my nails and cuticles a bit more care. I’ve always been happy with my Lush Lemony Flutter for my cuticles, but I’m excited to see if this is any better.
WEI Royal Ming Firming and Hydrating Cream
Inspired by a 600-year-old recipe used by Chinese courtesans, this supercharged cream contains 18 herbs to address all the signs of skin ageing. Full size: £74
I’m always a sucker for hydrating creams as my skin is always really dry. I’ve also heard good things about WEI products, so I was pretty excited to see this in my box. Although it’s not that big a sample to try and see if it helps hydrate my skin, it does feel like it would be quite hydrating.
Teapigs Super Fruit Tea
Your afternoon cuppa just got more exciting thanks to these yummy whole-leaf tea blends. Full size: £3.49 – £3.99
Being a tea addict, I was pretty excited to see this. I love when beauty boxes add in a little ‘bonus item’ and it’s something nice like tea. I know it’s probably not for everyone, but for me I think it’s a great bonus item. I’m looking forward to trying this.
It seems like I haven’t got as much as I used to get in the She Said Beauty boxes, but looking at what I do have I’m happier with the samples. Looking at everything in the box I know I will use it all, unlike some of the things I’d get with She Said Beauty. I think I’m happiest with the Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment, as I’ll probably use this the most, but I’m excited to try everything out. I also prefer the packaging of Birchbox, and I especially like how all the products come in a bag, so you don’t get any of the shredded paper crap that gets everywhere. I originally only signed up to get one box to see what it was like, but I’m pretty impressed with this box so I think I’m going to carry on my subscription for a couple of months and see how this goes. I’m already excited for the next one!


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