Christmas Gifts From Benecos

I love buying beauty gifts for Christmas gifts. I have a lot of female friends and family members that are into beauty products just as much as me, and it’s always lovely to get them something they can use, especially if it’s from a brand they probably won’t have heard from before. One brand that I don’t think many of my friends will have heard of is Benecos.
 Benecos Natural Shower Gel
One of Benecos’s gift sets this year is this one, which retails for £10.95. Each gift set contains products made from natural ingredients, a shower gel, body cream and hand cream. The shower gel contains a beautiful blend of natural and organic ingredients such as Elderberry, calendula and burdock, helping to effectively cleanse the body, whilst also leaving it moisturised, smooth and soft.
Benecos Body Cream
The body cream helps to hydrate the skin, containing organic ingredients such as calendula, wild rose, linden flower and burdock. The hand cream is a non-greasy light formula made from sweet almond oil, and organic calendula.

I think this is a great gift idea, especially if you’ve got any friends who are into natural products.
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