Favourite Autumn/Winter Nail Varnishes

I find that my nail varnish choices tend to go through ‘seasonal changes’, where come the spring summer months I find myself wearing bright bold colours, and this time of the year I go for darker, greyer shades. For some reason it just doesn’t feel right wearing a bright pink nail varnish when it’s grey and raining outside. I’ve noticed I’ve been doing this subconsciously for a couple of years now, anyone else find this? This year there’s been a couple of nail varnishes that I’m really loving.

I love grey/purpley grey shades and these are some of my favourites. My Barry M Cappucino is probably my most worn shade, and in fact the bottle is starting to get quite empty, I’m pretty sure I’ve never actually used up a whole nail varnish before! The Rimmel London Hot List is probably one of the easiest nail varnishes to apply out of the three, and I can find Model Own’s Purple Grey a bit thick to apply at times.

These shades are a tad more colourful than the ones before, but are still a little darker for this time of year. Rimmel London’s Celebrity Bash is currently my favourite go to nail varnish, I just can’t stop wearing it. Bourjois’ Beige Glamour is another favourite as it’s a strange light beige shade that goes with everything. I recently got this Nails Inc shade free in Glamour magazine and I find it fits in perfectly for this time of year, a lovely lilacy grey shade.

Favourite Autumn/Winter Nail Varnishes
These are few more of my darker shade favourites, and Barry M’s Multi Glitter is probably my favourite for around Christmas time as its all sparkly and pretty. I’m not usually a big fan of blues or greens but I really love No7’s Betty Blues and Barry M’s Watermelon, and both shades are popular nail varnish choices this year.
Do you find you’ve got any favourite nail varnish choices depending on the the time of year? Are you like me and prefer dark shades, or are you a fan of brighter bolder colours?

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