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On Saturday 16th June I headed down to London for the fourth The Only Way Is Blogging event. I’ve never been to any kind of blogging event or met up with any other bloggers before, so I was rather nervous about the whole thing. I’ve put off going to previous TOWIB events in the past because of my nerves, but this time I decided to ‘man up’ and go. And boy am I glad I did.
I’d already arranged on Twitter to meet up with Bex and Louise on the train as we all live in Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire, and Kirstie who was coming all the way from Liverpool (dedication there!) at Piccadilly. I’m glad I’d arranged to meet other bloggers so I didn’t have to go in alone, as I’m such a wuss. We even got there too early so we snuck off to Pret for a cheeky coffee beforehand.

(Photo taken from Kirstie)TOWIB started at around half ten in Tiger Tiger, giving us time to say hello to other bloggers and get to know each other before the event started at 11. Then at 11 we had a talk from Dr Linda Papadopoulos about body confidence which was interesting especially hearing about the ideals of how women feel what they should look like. Then at 12 we got a choice of talks to break off into and we chose to go to a talk by Scott Cornwall who was talking to us about his new hair range. Then we went off to a talk by Jamie London Boy about photography, who me and Kirstie were very starstruck about meeting him!

Over lunch therewas a chance to look over a small brands market,and I was particularly drawn to Street Princess, where I bought two beautiful rings. Then we went off for lunch downstairs at Tiger Tiger for some cheeky cocktails with our lunch, which took ages to turn up so we were a little late for the Making a Career Out Of Blogging talk, but we managed to catch up quickly!

Then we broke off again for the next talks where we chose to go to Product Claims and Beauty Mouth Clinic, but we ended up just staying at the first talk as everyone was happy staying where they were. Then at the end of the day was the Q&A with Hayley from from London Beauty Queen, Jayne from Jayne’s Kitschen and the hilarious Caroline from Beauty Mouth. Which I think was the highlight of my day. They just cracked me up with some of their stories and answers to questions, especially Caroline!

(Photo taken from Kirstie)

At the end of the day we decided to go over to M&M world as we were round the corner and met some slightly crazy overenthusiastic member of staff who insisted on taking photos with us! After having a look around and taking loads of photos we headed back to the station and said goodbye to Kirstie, before getting back on the train home.I learnt so much at TOWIB and it was so lovely to meet other bloggers and just talk about blog stuff all day. I’ll definetly be going along to the next one! I also felt that not only did I have a good day with some bloggers, but I also made some new friends, and I can’t wait to see Kirstie, Bex and Louise again. Okay end of soppy moment.

Did you go to TOWIB? What did you think?

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