The Sunday Post #13 – Makeup Organising

As a self confessed makeup addict, I of course have a lot of make up. There was once upon a time where I used to be able to keep my collection under control, but since I redecorated and got a dressing table, my collection has grown. It grew so much that I found myself struggling to contain it all in one place, and things got a bit out of hand. After last weeks organisation post I decided while I was at it I would go through my makeup and have a good sort out.

The best part of my dressing table is that it comes with this handy pull out draw, that’s separated into three sections where I keep my make up. I’ve separated each section into face products, eye products and then lip products so its easy to see each product. My ‘face products’ section is probably the most packed out of the three, full of foundations, concealers, blushers, and highlighters, and I have quite a few of each of them! I then tried to keep all the products grouped together so that there is a clear layout. My ‘eye products’ section is set out in a similar way, with my eyeshadows at the back as their the products I use the least, then my mascaras and eyeliners towards the front. My ‘lip products’ section is probably the least organised out of the three, but all of my lipsticks are still laid out so I can see each of them. While I was organising my makeup collection I also had a sort out of a few products I don’t use or don’t like, and gave them a new home to some of my friends.

It felt good to have a good sort out of all my products, and it even reminded me of a few products I forgot I had! Hopefully I can keep my organisation up and won’t let it get a mess again, or buy anymore products until I’ve used a few more up!

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