17 Falsifeye Mascara & Gel Eyeliner

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I thought I’d share with you a little purchase I made the other day.

I was wondering around Boots (as usual), and saw this special offer on the shelves near the till. Buy a 17 Falsifeye mascara and get a 17 Falsifeye gel eyeliner free. Well I just couldn’t resist! Especially how the mascara was only £6.49.

 The product is described as  ‘lashes transform into voluptuously thick, curvy lashes as the oversized brush coats each and every lash from corner to corner, root to tip without clumping. Lashes look fanned, volumised and falsified in an instant’.
If you’ve ever read any of my previous posts about mascara you will know I’m always on the hunt for one that claims to give my lashes more volume. So when I saw this one I simply couldn’t resist giving it a go. First of all I was drawn to the packaging of this product, I love pink (Okay what girl doesn’t?), and the shape of this mascara tube is different from any other I own. When I opened up the mascara the brush was quite clumpy, and I find I have to wipe it everytime before use, as you can see from the photo above. Despite that I was still quite excited to give this mascara a wurl. 
I love how this mascara works. Honestly for £6.49 I wasn’t expecting amazing results. I do beleive that this mascara does give my lashes more volume, but not quite the false lash look that the product claims, but they do help to make my lashes look longer. The product claims to leave your lashes clum free, but I disagree with that. As I said opening the mascara the brush was already clumped, and I find with this masacara my eyelashes stick together so you need to seperate them a little with an eyelash comb. Apart from that I do love this mascara and I’m glad I picked it up.
I was pretty excited to get a free gel eyeliner with this, as I’ve read up a lot on this recently and been dying to try it as I never have before. I’m a big liquid eyeliner addict, I can’t have a day without using the stuff, its got to the point that I hate how my eyes look without it, so I thought gel eyeliner would be great to try out. The eyeliner was in a cute little pot, which I loved as its quite small so perfect for taking out in your handbag. It also comes with this rubbish little applicator, which looks like the ones you get in £2 lipcolour sets, so I won’t be using that applicator.  
As I’m a bit of an addict to liquid eyeliner, I’m bit of a wizz when it comes to apply it. I didn’t find the gel eyeliner hard to apply, but maybe thats because I’m used to applying eyeliner, so for people who aren’t it might take a little getting used to. When I first applied this I loved it. I loved the black colour and at first it came out so strong. However a few hours after applying it the strong black colour had faded to a light grey colour, so I was a little disapointed. So if you want to keep up the strong black colour, you have to keep going over and reapplying it. Other than that I quite liked the gel eyeliner, and I’m quite tempted to try out another one.
What do you think?

Have any of you tried this out before?

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Sorry can’t find the exact product on Amazon, but you could try this instead.


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