Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Range

Lee Stafford is a brand I’ve loved over the past couple of years. The products smell amazing, they work wonders, and the packaging is pink – what is there not to love? I’m normally loyal and stick to my Hair Growth Treatment range, but on a recent trip to boots I decided to check out the Breaking Hair range. I’m mean to my hair, I constantly dry it and straighten it, and I’m forever dying it. To keep my hair feeling okay I like to find products to help strengthen and repair it. This is where the Breaking Hair Range fits in. Boots had an offer of 3 Lee Stafford products for £12 so I picked up the Shampoo, Conditioner and the Treatment for a bargain.

I’d never used a Lee Stafford Shampoo before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The shampoo is full of vitamins A & E for damaged hair and helps to reduce the damage caused by styling and colouring. As usual this has that amazing Lee Stafford scent and when I’ve used this it makes my hair feel amazingly soft.

The Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Conditioner contains much of the same things as the Shampoo, with vitamins and proteins to help with healthier, stronger and more manageable hair. What I like about the conditioner is that it contains proteins, which is something important for if you’re trying to grow healthy happy hair.

The Treatment is used to repair, build and fix overworked hair. The idea of the treatment is to use it between the shampoo and conditioner, but I just use it twice a week as a deep conditioner. I take out an egg sized amount and run it through my hair and leave it on for five minutes or more. Once I’ve washed it out it leaves my hair feeling ridiculously soft and nourished. I think out of the three products, this one is my favourite. It’s the one that I find works on my hair with the most impact. After using this I straight away notice a difference.

I’ve been using this range everyday for the past couple of weeks and I’ve seen a great improvement to my hair. It feels a lot happier, it’s a lot softer, and my split ends seem to be improving. I’ve fallen for the Breaking Hair range, I might even like it more than the Hair Growth range…

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