August Non-Beauty Favourites

Every month on the blog I mention my favourite beauty products from the past month, but I never mention anything non-beauty related that’s been a favourite of mine. I decided this month to try something a bit different and talk about a few things that have been my favourite during August.

Zest Magazine
At the end of July I started Weight Watchers and during August I joined a gym to try and get my fitness in shape. I’d heard a lot about Zest magazine and when I saw it in Tesco’s I decided to pick it up. I’ve been flicking through this constantly over the past week as a form of inspiration. It’s full of great healthy recipes and work out ideas, it’s great to look through if I’m struggling to keep motivated.

Blog Inc
I bought this book last month after seeing a few people mention it in the blogosphere but didn’t get around to reading it until this month. It’s the only book about blogging that I’ve read so I’m not sure if it’s the best, but it’s really helpful when it comes to things like SEO and how to market your blog. It’s a handy book to have to keep referring back to.
2013-2014 Diary
I’m bit of a stationary addict, and I love owls, so I couldn’t resist picking up this cute 2013-2014 diary. I’ve been using it to organise myself and my blog, writing which blog post will be on which day and if it’s been scheduled.
I’ve had my Kindle for nearly 2 years now and sometimes it gets a little neglected, but this month I rediscovered my love for it. I’ve been currently reading The Bling Ring, and I’m slowly working my way through the Amazon Kindle books.

As you can see there’s not been many non-beauty favourites this month, mostly because I’m a complete beauty addict! Let me know if you’ve enjoyed this type of post and I’ll stick another one up next month!

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