Sticking To Your Fitness Regime Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult*

I know far too well how easy it is to lack motivation when it comes to fitness, I start off well, but within a week or so, begin to lose all willpower. And I am not alone in this, I know so many other people who have said that the same has happened to them.

Some people are born to love fitness and exercise, and that’s great for them. But what about the rest of us, how can we motivate ourselves to stick to our fitness regimes? Is it possible, or is it just too hard?

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Believe it or not, it is possible to stick to a fitness regime, it just takes a different mindset, that’s all. I always used to lack motivation in terms of fitness, but since following these tips have found it much easier to stay focused.

In case you are also struggling for exercise motivation, I thought I would share my favourite tips with you, below:

Get an exercise buddy

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to stick to your fitness regime is to buddy up with a friend, this way you can motivate each other. Ideally, you should aim to choose a friend who is an excellent motivator so that hopefully, she rubs off on you.

Having someone to exercise with makes sticking to your fitness regime more fun and enjoyable.

Ease into it

Don’t make the mistake of starting off running five miles, ease yourself into it. If you push yourself too far, you will only end up resenting exercise, which, of course, is not what you want to do.

The people who are motivated to exercise regularly all say the same thing, and that is that they have learnt to enjoy exercise. The key to enjoying exercise is finding a form of exercise that works for you; that could be anything from jogging to yoga.

Buy yourself the kit

Don’t wait until you have been exercising for a while to get the kit, invest in women’s fitness apparel to exercise in. You see, once you have got a nice sports kit, you will feel like you have to exercise regularly, otherwise having the kit is a waste.

Plus, when you have proper workout clothes you will find exercising more enjoyable as you will be more comfortable. Anything that helps to make exercising more enjoyable is worth the investment, well in my book it is, anyway.

Mix it up

Don’t make the mistake of boring yourself by always doing the same workout, mix things up a bit and try new things. For instance, instead of running six miles every day, run twice a week, swim twice, cycle twice, and attend a fitness class once.

If you do the same form of exercise each day, you will easily become bored with it. But if you mix things up a bit you should find it much easier to stay motivated.

Staying motivated when it comes to exercise isn’t easy, it takes a lot of effort. However, I hope you find things a little easier with these tips!

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