Purrfect Box

Since we’ve adopted our deaf cat Jeff, we’ve pretty much spoilt him rotten. Since I found out he had a sad past I’ve felt bad for him, and want to show him that he’s loved and wanted. This means we like to make sure he’s got plenty of toys, gets loads of fuss, and the occasional treat. As he’s a special little cat I decided that he needed even more treats, and ordered him a Purrfect box, a monthly subscription box for cats!

Ever wondered how hard it is to take a nice photo of a cat next to things? Very hard. Instead I have this blurry photo of Jeff while he insisted on trying to eat everything he had first.  Sigh. 

I’ve heard of Purrfect Box for a little while, but having a house full of cats I thought it wouldn’t be fair for them to all share. So once I got my own cat and an excuse to buy one I couldn’t resist! I wasn’t too sure what to expect with Jeff’s box, but I was pretty amazed with the contents! 

Jeff got two packets of cat treats, one of which is catnip flavour, which Jeff grabbed as I took this photo and tried to break into.. There was also a catnip spray which is great to spray on his toys to keep him happy.

He also got a cat tunnel with a ball hanging from the end, which Jeff had to kill.

There was also a pack of bouncy balls, and this Valerian Cuddle Knot which Jeff has just been going crazy over. He keeps picking it up and rolling around with it whilst kicking it with his back legs. Apparently it’s because the smell is super appealing to our moggies! 

I think it’s safe to say Jeff enjoyed his Purrfect Box, especially as it came in a box and for him that’s pretty much a bonus toy. I was pretty amazed for how much came in the box for £19.90 a month, because if I went out and bought all this, it would cost me a lot more! What’s even better is that you can try one out for free to see if your kitty will approve. 

I think I’ll be getting many more of these for Jeff, but I think next time I’ll try and take photos without him. Sorry Jeff, but you’ll never be a kitty model..

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