Decorating Plans*

It’s been 6 months now since I picked up the keys to my little flat. Hurrah to six months of homeowning! When I first bought my flat I was so excited to start decorating, and even created a whole Pinterest board of inspiration and ideas. I booked a week off work with plans to pick up my keys, decorate, and move all of my stuff in and have it all homely before I went back to work. In reality, it took me the whole week to move half of my stuff and build a load of IKEA furniture, and so the decorating got delayed a little. And six months later it’s still not finished, despite all of my ideas. Here’s a couple of my ideas for my decorating plans.

First I want to put up some shelves. Seems like such a simple thing, but it’s just something I’ve not got around to doing. I even have loads of stuff waiting to be put on said shelves when they go up. As most of my flat is white I had a good idea of decorating them with colourful ornaments and books, similar to this picture, to help brighten up the room. It would also give me the opportunity to create some crafty things to make my flat look all homey.

I have so many empty plain walls in my flat, so it would be great to put up some pictures. A great idea is to get a couple of photographs made up into canvas prints as it then looks a little more personal, and it’s a lovely way to show off some of your best photos! There’s so many ways you can display your canvas prints in different creative ways to make your home look more interesting, and I found this article which has some great ideas. 

My flat has wooden floors which can make it feel a little cold now it’s winter. As a good way to make your flat look cosy, and can keep your feet from getting cold on your floors! As I’ve mentioned my walls are all white currently, so getting a few coloured rugs can help to brighten up the room. I’ve been thinking of getting a patterned yellow one for my bedroom, as I’ve been trying to have a yellow and grey theme in there, but so far it’s just grey oops. 

That’s a few of my decorating plans that should hopefully brighten up my flat and make it look more like a home! Do you have any other decorating tips that might help?

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