Saving Money With Bulk Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning products I’m certainly no expert, and I’m pretty sure my mum will agree. Although in my quest to try and become an adult I’m determined to try and become more tidier and organised, and keep things around me clean. One thing that really bugs me is seeing finger prints on my iPad or my laptop, and it’s the sort of thing I can never seem to get rid of! I’m trying to save some money these days and be a bit more careful with my spending, so when I was told I could save money by buying cleaning products in bulk I was intrigued to hear more.

I was sent a 5lr bottle of lemon multi-purpose cleaner, a plastic trigger spray bottle, and a pack of 4 colour coded microfibre cloths to help me out on my cleaning mission. I first of all thought that the microfibre cloths were just pretty colours, but on closer inspection they were colour coded for what they were best used for which I thought was pretty cool for a cleaning newbie like me! I also liked the spray bottle, because things like this make me happy being the strange person that I am. The cloths are also pretty handy because you can use them on their own without any other cleaning products or water, but if you want to give things a good clean you might want to use something else.

When it comes to the lemon multi-purpose cleaner, the whole 5lr bottle only costs £5.60, making it very cost effective to buy in bulk. When it comes to other brands, for example Tesco’s own branded multi-purpose cleaner, it costs £1 for 500ml, where as this one works out at 56p for 500ml, a massive saving of 88p per litre! And if you’re on a budget that’s not something to turn your nose up at. The product its self is also really good when it comes to cleaning, and I really like the lemony clean scent it leaves afterwards.

I never really gave cleaning products much thought before, but when it was put to me like that I was surprised how much money you could really save by buying products in bulk!
If you’re also interested in saving money on your cleaning bill you can buy cleaning products in bulk, which will also save you a great deal! From now on I’ll certainly be looking at buying more things in bulk to save me some pennies, does stocking up on my favourite chocolates count?
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