Valentines Day Gift Guide – Part 2 – For Him

I hope you enjoyed my last post in my gift guide – Gifts For Her. Now its time for gifts for him!
I always find it impossible to shop for my boyfriend, I never know what to get him. So if you’re like me, hopefully this gift guide will help you with the man in your life!
Written with a little help from my boyfriend!

1. Thumbs Up Retro Cassette 3G iPhone Silicone Case and Cover – £8.99 from Play.com
If the man in your life has an iPhone, then why not get him this retro cassette iPhone case? Not only does it protect your iPhone, it also brings back memories of your youth.

2. Angry Birds 4 Inch Mini Plush Toy Bird – £12.99 from Play.com 
What man isn’t obsessed with Angry Birds? I know my boyfriend is constantly playing this!

3. Coin Saving Jar – £13.99 IWantOneOfThose.com
This coin saving jar is great if your man is trying to save money. It also has a built-in electronic counter to tell you exactly how much money is inside the jar!

4. Eastpak Delegate Authentic Messenger Bag – £45 from John Lewis
Want to get the man in your life something nice? My boyfriend is always hinting at wanting a new bag, and this messenger bag would be great for work/college/uni for the main in your life.

5. Firebox Civet Coffee – £26.49 from Firebox.com
If the man in your life is a lover of coffee try this specialty coffee, it’s the rarest, tastiest coffee in the world!

6. Set of 4 Connoisseur Whiskey Glasses – £25 from John Lewis

Why not get this set of 4 whiskey glasses? I know my boyfriend is a big whiskey lover, so these glasses would be great for him!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my gift guide mini series! And I hope my two posts on this have been helpful and you’ve got a few more ideas on what to get the special person in your life for valentines day!

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