#NailArtWeeklyProject Week 3 – Valentines Day

It’s now week three of Danni’s Nail Art Weekly Project and this weeks theme is Valentines Day. I’ve never really been big on Valentines Day so I wasn’t too sure what to do for Valentines Day inspired nails. I didn’t want to do something obvious like a heart print so I decided to experiment with pastel shades.

I started with using Ciate’s Bon Bon, which is one of my favourite shades for the spring months as it’s such a dusky pale pink shade. I then wasn’t too sure what to do with the nail art design so I went for something fairly simple and used my nail art pens to make little white and pink dots down one side of the nail. Its a fairly simple design but I think because of the pale pink shades it’s sort of a romantic kind of look. In terms of nail art it’s not the most complicated of designs, and I still think last weeks was my favourite I’ve done so far! Maybe I’ll try something a bit more complicated for next week!

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