Blog Takeover – The Top 5 Gadgets Your Handbag is Missing

To start off this weeks Blog Takeover I have a post from Gemma over at Girl With The Ruby Ring. Gemma’s new to blogging but I absolutely love her blog so far! Today she’s written a post about the top 5 gadgets your handbag is missing. Enjoy!

A woman’s bag is like Batman’s utility belt, he would be useless without his belt just as most of us would be lost without our bags. We are not like men who suffice with mere pocket space; we need to be equipped for anything and everything, which is reflected by the contents of our bags. Nowadays we are lucky that there are so many useful gadgets out there to make our lives easier and our bags lighter.Here are some of the best handbag sized gadgets that need to be in your bag:

Mighty Boomball

Roll over image to zoom in Mighty Boom Ball Battery Booster

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A Boomball is the teeny tiny portable speaker that literally fits into the palm of your hand. All you have to do is stick it to something with a void and it produces a sound that can be heard up to 20 metres away. This little device is perfect when you are in a hotel getting ready to go out, or at the beach soaking in the sun. It is compatible with anything that had a headphone socket, so, any phone and mp3 player and at a RRP of £15 it is practically a steal… Now don’t you feel silly carrying that boom box around with you?

CyberClean’s Touch Screen Cleaner

Cyber Clean JT47051 Screen Cleaning Solutions Stylus-Pro Accessory


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Some science type people say that your touch screen gadgets hold more bacteria than a toilet seat, I am guessing this is entirely dependent on how clean the user is but hey ho, it is a scary thought nonetheless.

CyberClean have a wonderful little (yes LITTLE) touch screen cleaner-ma-jiggy that has an anti-bacterial spray to disinfect screens and a fibre pad which wipes and absorbs it, it also double up as a stylus, it actually works as well! This means no more finger prints on your screen and no more putting a toilet seat to your face, not literally obviously. Hygiene and a stylus for £15, bargain!

Light Me Up Lip Gloss

Light Me Up Lip Gloss


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The epitome of a first world problem, not being able to put your lippy on in the dark. It is an issue us girls face when we are in a club, glamping or generally in dark places. Discovering this, some smarty pants decided that putting little LED lights on the inside of the lid of lip gloss would solve this problem, and it really does. The lights are positioned in such a way that it lights up your lips as you put the gloss on. Not entirely sure under what circumstance your lip gloss needs to be reapplied in the dark but if you are carrying a lip gloss in your bag anyway it may as well be a light up one!  The lip gloss from MeMeMe is only £7, the price of a normal lip gloss… but with a light!

The Mighty Purse

Mighty purse


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Yes you may be thinking a purse is not a gadget, and I would agree but this little beauty has an inbuilt charger, perfect for those of us who drained out batteries on the train scrolling through Instagram. It contains a slimline battery pack and is suitable for iPhones and pretty much every other phone now as they all have the same adapter. Just put your cards and cash in there as well and hey presto you have a multi-functional purse and a fully charged phone. It’ll set you back around £85, but it is a charging purse, practically magic and can you really put a price on magic?

Credit Card Multi-Tool 

Okay, so it’s not like we are Bear Grylls or anything but there have definitely been times where I have thought ‘damn I wish I had a…’ and this little credit card sized multi tool has it all.

It has two screw drivers, a nail file, tweezers, a sewing needle, precision scissors, ball point pen and a letter opener! Basically everything you need, and it is tiny, and pink! Generally around £14 which, for a total of eight tools, is a pretty good deal!

There we have it, 5 gadgets that will make your life easier and your bag lighter!

From Gemma Harling – Girl With The Ruby Ring

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