The Sunday Post #6 – The Chilled Out Weekend

This Sunday marks the end of my first week of working full time in over a year. As I’ve not had a job for sometime now this week has taken a toll on me and I’m feeling pretty tired now come the end of the week. Some I decided that I’d keep this weekend as bit of a quiet one, I had a few plans and jobs to do on the Saturday, but this Sunday is dedicated to drinking several mugs of green tea, and taking a few hours to read through some of my favourite reads, one of which is Allure magazine.

I discovered Allure magazine after I heard Vivianna Does Makeup frequently talking about it. I could never find a paper version of it but I found on my iPad I could subscribe a newsstand version of it. I think I even prefer having a digital version of it, especially as I can keep all my copies of it to refer back to without them taking up any space. I really love reading Allure magazine, mainly for it being a whole magazine dedicated to beauty products, but also because it’s American and there’s often products spoken about that we don’t have here in the UK.

It’s definitely nice to have a whole day dedicated to doing nothing and chilling out. But now I’m finding I have a whole load of beauty products I now want to try out…

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