Happy New Year!

So here we are already, 2012!?! How insane is that?! Seems like only yesterday I was welcoming in the new year 2011, and now where here in 2012, crazy stuff.
So how did I start my new year? I went up north to visit my boyfriend Chris, and we had a couple of friends over for drinks and seeing in the new year. It was all a great laugh until I thought it would be a good idea to jump on my boyfriends back and try and get a piggy back, and cut my head open. Note to self, do not try and jump on your 6″5 boyfriends back when your only 5″5, you will fall and hit your head. But don’t worry I’m fine, just sat with a very sore cut head, but hey makes a change to being hungover on new years day?!

 Luckily the whole cutting head open thing hasn’t put a downer on my year, I’m very looking forward to 2012, and of course I’ve given myself new years resolutions I plan to stick to, and will probably break within a few weeks of the new year.

1) Learn to cook
Okay I admit it, I’m 20 years old and I can barely cook. Despite having been at uni for a year and a half now I still find myself living off beans on toast. I have millions of cook books that have been given to me by my mother in the hopes that I will turn into domestic goddess, and 2012 is the year that I will put them to good use.
2) Eat better and get my ass down to the gym
Being a typical lazy student who can’t cook, I live off a diet of toast and take aways. So I’ve decided enough of this, and as well as learning to cook I’m going to start eating properly and getting my ass into shape down at the gym. – I swear I make this resolution every year but I WILL do it this year!

3) Read more books
As I wrote about in my Christmas! post, I got a Kindle for Christmas so I plan on reading lots of books. So far I’ve read 3 since I’ve got it and I’ve found myself addicted so that’s working well!
4) Keep up a good skin care routine
As I’ve been writing in my previous blog posts, I’ve been recently treating my skin to a skin care routine. Yes I’m the worst beauty blogger in the world, I didn’t have a skin care routine! But it’s been about 2 weeks of using my new skin care routine and I’m already seeing some fab results so I plan on keeping this up!
5) Keep my hair in good condition 
My hair hates me. After years of dying it, drying it, and straightening it my hair has decided to rebel against me. But after discovering vo5 Miracle Concentrate my hair has changed to an amazing condition. In 2012 I plan on investing a lot more into caring after my hair, especially if I want to keep it red. I’m thinking of treating it to a good deep condition once a week and treating it to some good hair care products.
6) Keep my nails in good condition 
As you must know from reading my blog, I’m a nail varnish addict. I don’t know how I ever coped without nail varnish. But recently I’ve become very lazy at painting my nails and I’ve been walking around with horrible chipped week old nail varnish on (ew how disgusting!). The general state of my nails is pretty awful, with them splitting and breaking all the time. So I’ve decided to take better care over my nails and make sure their looking much more manicured and healthy!
So lets see how long I can keep these new years resolutions up for! I’m always terrible and end up forgetting what I even promised I’d do half way through the year. I’m very much looking forward to 2012, It’ll be the year I turn 21, finish my second year of university, and hopefully a lot more great things! And hopefully my head will heal its self up soon!

Hope you all had a great start to the new year!
Do you have any new years resolutions?  

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