Christmas Stress Busting Tips

Christmas time can be quite stressful. I know I’m certainly starting to feel stressed out. Have I bought everyone a present? Is there enough wrapping paper? What if I run out of tags? Do I have enough sellotape? Will everyone like their presents?!?! Not only that but I’m driving up north to my other halves parents for Christmas so I’m worrying about will my rubbish car make it up there? and what will the motorway traffic be like?!? There’s just so many things I’m stressing out over. Christmas shouldn’t be a time of stress and worrying, it should be about laughter and joy, so I’ve come up with a few ideas to help de-stress over Christmas.

1. Write Things Down
Half the time the things I worry about are either in my head, or can be easily solved. First thing I do is write a list of everything I’m worrying about, then I can work out what I need to do. If I’m worried I don’t have enough presents for everyone I write down what I’ve got everyone and check I have enough, and if I don’t it’s a last minute dash to the shops!

2. Make A Big Cup Of Tea
Tea makes everything better, and when I’m super stressed out I make a big cup of chamomile tea and read a good book, it always does the trick.

3. Have Some ‘Me Time’
When I’m feeling particularly stressed out or rubbish I make sure I treat myself to some ‘me time’. A good book or magazine, a bubble bath, or even one of my favourite films always seems to pick me up.
4. Get A Good Nights Sleep
There’s nothing like waking up after a goodnights sleep, but if you’re stressed out that’s not always possible. Try and relax before you go to bed and this will help you to get a goodnights sleep, which will certainly help you to feel less stressed.

5. Spend Time With My Favourite Furry Friend
Pets are amazing for de-stressing, and luckily for me my house is full of cats. Spending some time with my cats always calms me down, pets are amazing healers.

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If you’re looking for some great de-stress tips you should visit Time4Sleep’s Relaxation Zone, which has loads of useful articles and advice to help you de-stress this Christmas. There’s also some Spotify playlists to give you some easy listening, as well as some stress free websites and Subreddits, there’s everything you need for a stress-free Christmas this year.
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